03.10.10 - Hello and welcome to my personal site.

I am the founder / director / owner, of Gnomon... and an artist, wannabe pianist, art/music/movie lover and a man who likes to stuff long green peppers with prosciutto and pepper jack cheese, wrap 'em in foil and throw them on the BBQ. So Gnomon. Started in 1997, Gnomon is a visual effects and animation school in Hollyweird, California. Gnomon is also the developer of a large library of training DVDs for 2D design and 3D development.

A little history. I see myself, these days, as an artist who somehow became a business owner/director.. as a result of my passion for art, 3D and education. I've drawn all my life, but computers entered the picture rather early (although not by today's standards). When I was 9 my parents got me an Atari 800 with a modem. I was immediately obsessed with it and spent countless hours browsing bulletin boards at 300baud, looking for games and chatting in forums. I even ran my own BBS for a few years. Kinda like the internet. Only it was 25 years ago.

Ok, skip 10 years (highschool, more drawing, less computers). It was during my second year at the University of Pennsylvania, trying to find a 'normal' thing to study, that I discovered '3D computer animation' by watching a 'Beyond the Mind's Eye' tape. To make a long story short, I left Penn, got a Mac, learned a bunch of software, worked as a computer colorist for Malibu Comics, got into the Art Center College of Design, studied Illustration, started teaching myself Alias PowerAnimator, got a job as an Applications Engineer for Alias|Wavefront, put a lot of miles on my car, met a lot of people at a lot of studios, and then started Gnomon at age 24. In hindsight I see that as being ridiculously young to be starting a school... but things were very different in '97. At the time it was needed and studios were expanding like crazy, with practically no schools teaching 3D. Especially not 3D as it pertained to visual effects.

Over the past thirteen years I have worked hard to guide Gnomon's evolution through the expansion of our curriculum, faculty, partnerships and services. Through this time I have tried to stay true to my creative inclinations, by working on personal projects... but time is short. When I founded Gnomon, I thought that I'd work about 6 hrs/week and spend the rest of my time as an artist. No... really. That's what you get for not taking any business classes. Live and learn.

Gnomon has expanded beyond the school over the years, to include The Gnomon Workshop, Gnomon Gallery, Gnomon Studios, Sketch Theatre and CGchannel. These offshoots of Gnomon bring our training to a global market while developing the community, via DVDs, online classes, events, gallery shows and forums. They also manage to keep me happy and really busy.

By far the greatest thing about my job, however, has been the people whom I have met. Many of the industry's top artists have worked with us at Gnomon via teaching, seminars, DVDs and workshops. It has really been a privilege to meet and spend time with artists that I admire, and bringing their knowledge to people via Gnomon is what I am most proud of professionally.

Aside from Gnomon, I continue to work professionally as a creature development artist on such projects as James Cameron's Avatar, JJ Abram's Star Trek and the upcoming DC comics film adaptation of Green Lantern.

And aside from work... friends. art. music. movies. books. travels.

life stuff... you know.
well, I hope you do.

So my artwork... hope you like it. :) thanks for visiting.


with Rick Baker at his studio...!