Founder/Director, Gnomon


After watching the awesome 1981 film Heavy Metal again and introducing it to my 15yr old son (who thankfully thought it was as cool as I do!), I was inspired to represent the Loc-Nar in a new story. Maya, Redshift, several World Machine terrains, a few greebles from KitBash3D, some textures from Megascans and then I did the unusual thing (for me) of some hardsurface modeling. I blocked out a ship and some helmets/gear in ZBrush then modeled them in Maya… I’m very far from a good modeler of such things, but was fun to use the new(ish) Modeling/UV Toolkits which have really simplified things! I also incorporated a couple of the new VDBs that we’re putting together for a new Gnomon Workshop tutorial/library on using Houdini to create smoke/fog/etc. Coming soon… :) Lastly I experimented a bunch with different tools/plugins for grading… Aurora, Topaz, Magic Bullet and also tried out Optical Flares from Video Copilot. All cool in their own ways… In the end it is mostly Photoshop, lots of AOV (Redshift render pass) tweaking with a mix of Camera RAW and Aurora. Final image is 8k, but unfortunately I can’t share that here… :/ Don’t touch the Loc-Nar… bad things happen.