Founder/Director, Gnomon

New section: Development.

Well, I had an animation section that stayed empty for way too long, so I decided to swap it with something new this weekend! As I create new work, I can now use this section to provide very brief overviews of how they were put together. Jester, Smile, Draeke, Guardian and some Look-Dev are discussed, as well as a new video that crams a week of work into 10 minutes. I've got a new 3D Creature Development 'master class' coming out soon that has 25 hours, eight DVDs, a 176 page book as well as sixty-six HD 1080p clips for students to use in their projects. But until then, this video provides a glimpse of what I do in the class (and editing 25hours down to 10minutes sure took awhile! heh). Hopefully this year I can keep this section updated with new stuff, assuming Gnomon allows me the time to!  -Alex