Founder/Director, Gnomon

Forest Path

I've been obsessing over natural environments lately, developing my workflow for plants/trees and techniques for object placement. Maya, Mental Ray, Paint Effects, Onyx and a little Zbrush for the path. 110 million polys. Rendered with physical sun/sky and all miaMaterialX. Surprised by how many polys I can throw at Mental Ray!


New image made with Zbrush, Photoshop, Bodypaint and Maya/Mental Ray. This project started as an interest in trying out Dynamesh, an amazing new modeling methodology in Zbrush. I started with a sphere, which become the demon, and then decided to give him a place to exist. Learned a lot about rocks/plants/etc and now feel way more comfortable with the mia_materials.  Hope people dig it... was a lot of fun to make!

Fast Company praise for Gnomon!

Well this was a surprise... Fast Company magazine recently announced their list of the ten most innovative companies in film, which included Gnomon! Weird but very cool... my sincere thanks to them for the accolade! Click here to check out the complete list.


The Union: Saga/Gnomon Brazil Event!

From March 10th - 18th I had the amazing experience of going to Brazil  for an event that Gnomon organized with Saga, a company that teaches CG to thousands of kids across Brazil, aged 11-17. I organized the speakers, inviting several friends along for an epic journey: Neville Page, Fausto de Martini, Neil Huxley, Seth Hall and Stefano Dubay. During this one day event in Sao Paulo, over 400 people were exposed the experiences and techniques of several leading artists from the film and games industries. It was a ton of fun and I sincerely had an amazing time in Brazil... it is a beautiful country with wonderful and genuine people. I hope this is the first of many such events... Also, we announced a partnership between Gnomon and Saga to open a new school in Brazil in 2012. Stay tuned...



Finally had time this summer for a new personal project. Started about four months ago in my limited 'free time'(i.e. late nights), so it's hard to say how much work was put into it, but quite a bit. Initially it was just a character based on a pencil sketch, but then once the dude was done I decided to make a background for him... which ended up being the bulk of the work. Environments are definitely time consuming and this project definitely upped my respect for all the 3D environment people out there. It was a lot of fun, but I think my next piece will be way simpler. Heh. About halfway through working on it I decided to create an animation to loop on a framed monitor.The final image is 6k printed at 30"x48" on canvas, framed and on a wall at Gnomon. The animation is running at 2560x1600 on a framed 30" monitor. Let me know what you think!

Behind the Iron Curtain: Romania!

This looks to be a very exciting event and I am thrilled that I was asked to participate! This October in Bucharest, several artists from the entertainment industry will be gathering to share techniques during a four day workshop. Mark Goerner, Neville Page, David Levy and others will be there, so if you live in this part of the world, I highly suggest attending!!! It promises to be an inspiring and unforgettable experience and I can't wait to go!

Montreal International Games Summit

I've been selected to keynote the art track at this year's MIGS event in November! Thanks so much to the event committee for the opportunity. I can't wait to finally visit what I've always heard to be a wonderful city. For more info on the event, click here.