Founder/Director, Gnomon


New personal work to test out Redshift with a relatively heavy scene, as well Redshift proxies. As one would expect the interactivity of IPR did slow down, but easily managed by using display layers to hide/show objects. Render time for 4k was about 90 minutes with dual Pascal TitanX cards, although I did crank settings higher than likely necessary since it was for a still. This is still super fast, especially since both 3D fog and DOF are on! I'll note that the DOF is what requires higher sampling, so if I were to do the DOF in post the render time would likely be cut in half... 45min for 4k? Pretty darn cool for a scene like this... I still haven't played with Redshift's AOVs, so this is a straight 32bit EXR render with just a little tweaking in Photoshop with the Camera Raw filter. I also set-up a bunch of Megascan materials that are ready to go for future projects, using several of their rock and leaf materials for this scene. Anyhow... has been a great experience so far switching over to Redshift and GPU rendering!