Founder/Director, Gnomon

Entertainment Design @ Gnomon

So we are very excited to have recently announced our new Entertainment Design program at Gnomon! Launching this summer, the one year full-time program will be a great opportunity for those seeking a career as either a 2D or 3D artist in the industry. I wish I had the time to attend... heh. But I will definitely be sneaking in to some of the new courses. We just had our first Advisory Board meeting which was truly inspirational and exciting. The members are all such wonderfully talented people who are, like me, passionate about education and helping aspiring artists fill their potential. Here is a pic from the evening:

Gnomon Entertainment Design Advisory Board

pictured from left to right: Aaron Sims, Jerry O'Flaherty, Fausto de Martini, Ben Procter, Neville Page, Iain McCaig, David Levy, Dylan Cole, me, Darrin Krumweide. Missing... Jonathan Berube cuz he was taking the picture.