Founder/Director, Gnomon


Jester is based on a series of sketches I did back in 2001 when Gnomon was commissioned to design and produce the SIGGRAPH stage demo content for Alias|Wavefront Maya V3. The project was called 'Zufuhr' and took place in a fantasy incubation factory. Jester is meant to be a plaything for the children. I didn't get to develop this guy then, but a couple years ago I finally got around to it. The final image has no post-processing, except for the 2D smoke added behind him. I chose to develop him in 3D, after doing some 2D look-dev, for the purpose of creating a DVD on character modeling, texturing and shading. Therefore this guy just needs to be rigged and he's ready to animate, which hopefully I'll get around to one day! Click here for a high-res image of the above progress stills. The high-res version of the final image is in the 3D Artwork section.