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guardian_900x.jpgImage made with Maya, Zbrush, Mental Ray. I started this as a head sculpt/sketch from a sphere in Zbrush, but then added the torso... then the lower limbs... then decided it needed a background... then some bugs.. then some smoke.Since I didn't start with a design, I just poked at it from time to time over the past couple months. So I guess the image evolved over time, but I'm happy with where it ended up. The final image is 4500x8000 to be printed at 30"x54".

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Jester_900x.jpgHere's a new guy called 'Jester'. He's a plaything for kids. :) This is based on an old sketch of mine (in the 2D trad section) that I always wanted to make in 3D. I spent a bit of time on this one, making 2k-4k textures for everything with the intention of being able to make a big print. Maybe... But at least I know he will hold up to an 8k render. Of course, I need more RAM if I want to pull that off. Perhaps it is time to get a 64bit machine... hmm. Anyhow, he is done for now... need to take a break from it to get some perspective. (and opinions).

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09.05.07 - well hey!... jester got plugged at 09.10.07 - cool! Jester just got a CGchoice award at cgtalk.

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